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Document collections. Published government documents. There were 1,000 police outside the embassy and officers lined the streets of the march to prevent a repeat of the trouble in March. An estimated 25,000 took part in the march and once again trouble flared outside the US embassy in Grosvenor Square. Britain's biggest anti-Vietnam war demonstration ended in London yesterday with an estimated 300 arrests; 86 people were treated for injuries, and 50, including 25 policemen, one with a …

Gaynor, now 70, spent more than a year in Vietnam between 1967 and 1968, taking photographs as he went. The Vietnam War began for the U.S. in 1965 when troops were sent over to fight in the conflict between South and North Vietnam. This war was very unpopular in the U.S., but fighting didn't stop until 1975. There was another big anti-Vietnam war demonstration on 27 October 1968. Vietnam War records are maintained by the military in many cases and include lists of casualties, those missing in action and prisoners of war. Two volumes.

Explore our Vietnam War digital newspaper archives collection that covers more than 400 years of history, assisting thousands of genealogists and history researchers on … Reporting Vietnam: American Journalism, 1959–1975. By 1968, America had officially been at war in Vietnam for four years, ... Landers, James (2004), The Weekly War: News magazines and Vietnam, USA: University of Missouri Press.

But security was very tight. William H., Darley (2005), War Policy, Public Support, and the Media, Parameters.