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The production of the special Direct Positive Paper, indispensable for the operation of IMAGO, was discontinued in 1978, so Susanna Kraus sets out on a quest. Content 1.238 m2 (€95.32 / 1 m2) From 1 : €118.00 : incl.

The Ars-Imago DP … The emulsion is not poured onto an FB or RC base, but rather a polyester base. I add a calculated quantity of light. I seem to be one of the first to try it, so I'm looking forward to seeing how others get on too! I don't have lot of experience with the IMAGO that for me is quite new but with the HARMAN the contrast could be reduced and you can obtain with the right pre flashing and development a very nice quantity of grey tonality. The direct positive paper is the same balance. THE PAPER Our portraits are printed on IMAGO Direct Positive Paper, a black and white silver gelatine photo paper. With a super-glossy surface the paper captivates with sharpness, high contrast and an excellent tonal gradation. It is photographic paper which processes in regular paper developers to give a direct positive image.

Eventually, in 2006, she persuades ILFORD Switzerland to re-start the production of the silver gelatine black and white photo paper and Ilford adds its legendary Ilfochrome look. The paper is exposed directly, without any intermediate negative, and developed in a classic black and white process. It's available in 4x5 and larger sizes. Product information Imago Direct Positive Paper RC glossy 9x12cm 25 sheets Unlike traditional photo papers, which work by way of a negative, this paper gives a positive image when processed and saves the hassle of negative exposure and development. Imago Direct Positive Paper RC glossy | wide roll 62cm x 40m .

Imago Positive Paper can be used in other applications like direct exposure for large format cameras (4x5 in) or cutting small sheets for exposure in Lomo cameras Can also get creative and unusual effects with direct positive paper used for photograms or substitutes for standard photo paper. El Imago Direct Positive Paper, se sirve además de en rollos de 62 cm de ancho por 40 metros– en hojas, en formatos desde el 9×12 cm al 50,8 x 61 cm © Imago/Macodirect The world-famous Ilfochrome® paper also uses a Melinex base.

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Regarding the great contrast of the Direct Positive Paper. This feature makes the paper an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. The light i add to my paper is like adding the 150 gr to the balance.

Harman Direct Positive Paper is a recently announced new product, designed partly with pinhole photography in mind. After the pre-flashing my sheet of paper is ready to register every trace of light even the lightest. Imago Direct Positive Paper RC glossy 12x16" (30.5x40.6cm) 10 sheets . Ars-Imago DP Direct Positive Paper is a black and white paper that is orthochromatically sensitized.