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Monthly Dose of Design: Data Storytelling for Market Researchers The value of storytelling in presenting data is well-known and accepted, but how do we do so effectively?

This post addresses the first issue.
Secondly, market research pros need to move beyond the story to create insight.

What storytelling techniques do script writers, directors and film editors use to keep us engaged for 15 gripping weeks of a TV series such as Breaking Bad? Today, storytelling is critical to your success. The storytelling techniques of moviemaking should in fact package up the rich and complicated story that comes out of our market research work. You need to translate data into a meaningful narrative that can be quickly and simply communicated, and most important, acted upon. Storytelling is rarely given the attention it deserves. Looking at research from this perspective affects not only the hypotheses and discussion guides we develop, but also the way we moderate.And our creative experience helps us identify insights and language that may in themselves lead to effective storytelling when your strategy is ultimately executed. Today, being an expert in any domain is much easier than before, and market research is no exception. Yes, our starting point is the systematic and objective collection of data, but there is only one thing that is going to make a set of research recommendations listened to, adhered to and returned to, and that is … The art of storytelling: Researchers explore why we relate to characters Date: September 13, 2018 Source: McMaster University Summary: For thousands of years, humans have relied on storytelling … So what are the basics of filmmaking? Telling a compelling story is an important skill that market researchers today need to master, but doing so presents a couple of significant challenges.
Your market research project is most valuable when it delivers a coherent story. STORYTELLING FOR MARKET RESEARCH Free Preview Buy $399.00. ESSENTIAL TRAINING FOR TODAY'S MARKET RESEARCHER. Watch Intro Video. Market research, like marketing, like branding; is all about storytelling. May's Dose of Design details the four stages of effective data storytelling. First, finding the story in the data is not always easy. If research is both art and science, we need to blow the dust off the art elements including writing, presenting, persuading, visual arts, theatrical arts, and the art of storytelling. The most critical ingredient of effective market research reporting comes in the shape of stories.