how to make avengers toys with paper

Take the Avengers for example - it was actually pretty good! Paper model Avengers As much as Hollywoods interpretations of my childhood heroes bothers me, lately things have been getting slightly better. I have already made Iron Man and Captain America and I am planning on making the rest. Backhoe TV 55,828,058 views

Thx 21 June 2013 at 22:33 Love the Avengers paper heroes!!!!!

Paper Doll Craft Doll Crafts Paper Crafts 3d Paper Paper Toys Origami Marvel Avengers Crafts Marvel Gifts Papercraft Download MARVEL PAPERCRAFT by henrydig on DeviantArt THANKS SO MUCH TO GUS, YOU R NUMBER 1! Hulk, Iron man, Thor, Captain America, Spider Man Toys Play - Duration: 13:45.

Romeo Created The Avengers Clone~! It would be cool if you added a Mark 1 Iron Man, Superman, Spider-Man, and a Green Lantern.