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Research that culminates in the production of an undergraduate research thesis allows the student to receive the designation of “With Research Distinction” or “With Honors Research Distinction” on their diploma. Undergraduate students submit their research theses and honors research theses to the Knowledge Bank. An OSU honors student with 3.50 grade point averages may earn a waiver of up to six of the six honors credit hours required for the Honors College Degree beyond the General Honors Award and the Departmental or College Honors Award requirements. The Honors Thesis application must be submitted to the ASC Honors Office for approval upon enrollment in 4999H.

For additional information on the Honors Thesis option, please contact Dr. Susan Kline at kline.48@osu.edu. Take advantage of Honors status in 200+ majors across campus.
The Fisher Honors Program provides a unique experience for the highest-achieving students in our college. Students need: A cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0 at both the time of application and the time of graduation; A faculty research advisor to serve as chair of the project. The thesis investigated laypeople's perceptions of the German language.

Students who complete and successfully defend the thesis will graduate with honors research distinction if their minimum cumulative grade point average is 3.4 on at least 60 graded Ohio State semester credit hours. The project advisor will provide guidance to you throughout the research process. Take an extraordinary business education to an even higher level. Undergraduate students submit their Research Theses and Honors Research Theses for Graduation with Research Distinction or Graduation with Honors Research Distinction to the Knowledge Bank. If you are not an honors student, you can still do research or a thesis. The Ohio State University develops and supports an environment that promotes the intellectual and personal development of high-ability undergraduate students. Pursue original research and write an Honors thesis under the guidance of a faculty member. The honors program is an enhancement of the basic liberal arts degree for the Speech and Hearing Science major. completion of a senior Honors thesis to graduate with the designation "With Honors Research Distinction." An experiment was done that asked groups of participants to rate how they think about German stereotypes as well as …

In February 2011, the University Board of Trustees approved a non-honors thesis option for students who want to complete an undergraduate thesis but did not meet the other requirements of the Honors program. Choose from more than 350 sections of Honors classes, averaging fewer than 25 students each.

honors research thesis Honors Program Thesis Policy At the conclusion of the research project, each Honors student will write a formal thesis under the supervision of the faculty mentor and orally defend the thesis before the 12th week of the final semester. Graduate "with Honors" and/or "with Honors Research Distinction" on your diploma.

The Ohio State University develops and supports an environment that promotes the intellectual and personal development of high-ability undergraduate students. It begins the first semester of the first year, and extends through graduation and beyond. If you are a current student at Ohio State, please visit advising.engineering.osu.edu to learn more about joining the Honors program and contacting … Students in the honors program will take enriched honors courses, and will complete an honors contract leading to graduation with honors in the Liberal Arts (no thesis), or to graduation with distinction (thesis). Undergraduate research and thesis. Congratulations to Megan Wadas on the successful defense of her Undergraduate Research Honors Thesis - Stereotypes and Language Attitudes: Examining the Perception of German as “Harsh". To graduate with honors research distinction, you must satisfy the following requirements: Identify an Ohio State neuroscience-related faculty member to serve as your project advisor. Honors Thesis Requirements.