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Research is the key that unlocks new knowledge. Today, the research community at Harvard has expanded dramatically, with a significant portion of undergraduates submitting a thesis prior to graduation. A good starting point is the Harvard College Undergraduate Research and Fellowships page. Research Funding The EPS department provides generous support to undergraduates to conduct research, present at conferences, and spend the summer working in Cambridge. Departmental Research Opportunities - Summer 2020 Many of these deadlines have already passed for Summer 2020. Welcome to Undergraduate Economics at Harvard! Our speciality is undergraduates—we offer hands-on experiences and encourage students to engage in original research in any of the more than 1000 faculty laboratories affiliated with Harvard. Opportunities for undergraduates to conduct research in engineering, the applied sciences, and in related fields abound at Harvard.

Research Assistant from HUCE Summer Undergraduate Research Fund Harvard University Center for The Environment / Harvard Kennedy School .

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The Psychology Department encourages any interested student to explore being part of a research team while at the College. Learn about how to work in an EPS research group or find fellowship and internship opportunities outside of Harvard.

Harvard Research Journal. In addition to laboratory-based research with Harvard Medical School faculty, the program includes research and … We welcome the unique insights visiting students bring from their current universities around the world. Please register for the event at
Undergraduate Research Opportunities. We offer a primary concentration and a secondary field.
In 2008, Harvard announced a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by thirty percent by the year 2016. Below, we've compiled several of the opportunities Harvard has to offer for undergrads over the summer. As part of your coursework, or perhaps as part of individual research opportunities working with professors, you will have the chance to undertake some extraordinary projects covering topics ranging from bioengineering to cryptography to environmental engineering. Harvard is proud to lead the charge in environmental research and policy initiatives.

Participants are part of a large, diverse research community, and benefit from organized and informal interactions with students, mentors, and faculty.

Check out the website. To learn more about Ec, please peruse all the info on this website: See our Spring 2020 Key Dates. Another resource is OCS, the Harvard Office of Career Services. Students in SURGH receive housing in the Harvard Undergraduate Research Village and a stipend for living expenses. The Harvard College Undergraduate Research Association (HCURA) was founded in 2007 in response to this study and since then, the participation of undergraduates in research has steadily increased. HUROS is a great way to meet dozens of scientists in one day and explore multiple research areas before narrowing down your interest. At Harvard, we put that power into your hands from the moment you arrive. Summer Undergraduate Research in Global Health (SURGH) offers Harvard undergraduates the opportunity to research critical issues in global health under the direction of a Harvard faculty or affiliate mentor.

Summer Honors Undergraduate Research Program (SHURP) at Harvard Medical School. Read the Spring 2020 DUS Letter from our Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Jeffrey Miron. Check back in January 2021 for Summer 2021 opportunities, or reach out to a Lab Manager to discuss opportunities for the fall! Research gives you an appreciation for how psychological knowledge develops and allows you to become an active member of a community of individuals who share your particular curiosities about the world. Harvard University is …

May 2020 – … Most of the research conducted in Harvard’s Department of Psychology concerns basic psychological processes such as attention, perception, memory, categorization, reasoning, decision-making, language, cognitive and social development, social cognition, intergroup relations, and morality. The Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships administers research programs for Harvard College undergraduates. To apply for funding, speak with the Academic Program Manager … Add Harvard College to your undergraduate experience by spending a term or full academic year studying as a Visiting Undergraduate Student (VUS). Harvard Science Education brings together FAS science education information and resources for undergraduates and faculty alike. Summer Honors Undergraduate Research Program (SHURP) is a 10-week summer research program primarily for college students belonging to groups that are underrepresented in the sciences.