flash paper fireball

To get a poof fireball, loosely crumple up a 2x3" piece of flash paper and loosely tamp it into the barrel. We highly recommend you use only the Flash Packs we supply and recommend, with each pack containing enough flash cotton and paper for over 120 uses.

The Pyro Mini's barrels are filled with 'flash' paper (sold separately).

Product # Product Name Order List Dealer Inventory; CPPP700: Flashpaper Fireball - 10'-15'

Safe for magic and hand tricks.

Large 8" X 9" Sheet. Handsfree Operation The PYRO mini Unit itself has been designed to contour to the underside of the wrist, leaving the hand shooting the fireball completely empty. The paper would simply shoot out of the device and not catch fire at all. The flash gun, designed to be hidden under a sleeve, ignites chemically-embedded flash paper which burns rapidly, causing the fireball effect.

FLASH PAPER SOLD SEPARATELY. Can be used for dozens of effects.

Also, you do not need flash paper, only flash cotton.

The 8x9 inch flash paper size can be cut or torn into many smaller pieces.

We have 2 sizes of Flash Paper. Burns completely and leaves no ash. Flash Paper ignites into a brilliant flame when touched by a lighter, match or any extreme heat source. Overall a really great product. If timed properly, when the fireball hits the rope the ring just appears!

I had a great witches broom that we bored a hole in the end of, inserted the flash paper wand into and Wam! Email info@hollynorth.com for signup information. Signup for our newsletter to get notified about sales and new products.

Flash paper is a prop often used by magicians that ignites and almost instantly vanishes without a trace, and with very little smoke.

Tested for safety. I carefully deconstructed a cigarette paper packet, cut a flash paper sheet to smaller pieces to match the regular papers,folded them the same, and loaded alternate 'regular cig paper/flash cig paper' about ten times before re gluing the packet together. For adult use, 18+ You can really fool people with it through fire magic both in close-up and on stage, brings a lot of fun and amazes audiences. It burns extremely quickly.

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Magicians have used flash paper in their acts for decades to get huge reactions! Light it and toss it in the air. Adobe Flash Player Fireball, free adobe flash player fireball software downloads, Page 2. then watch it burn up … Instructional video download. I cut a 3 1/2" long piece of aluminum rod and chamfered the ends to act as a tamping rod.

Extra thick.

Floating Fireball Gimmick and DVD (watch video) 72 Smoke Balls (12 packages of 6) Magic Water Box (watch video) Colored Flash Paper Orange: POLKA DOT HANK 33" x 33" (Stage Size) Vanishing Candle White: Vanishing Cane to Silks (Complete Set with Online Instructional: Bounce No Bounce Balls (watch video) Animated Prediction Book (watch video) I get a much better meteor-like arc this way than with just one which has already partly consumed itself to … ... We did it in our school. Product # Product Name Order List Dealer Inventory; CPPP701: Flashpaper Fireball - 20'-25' The first one burns up and produces hot gases that both light the second one and, at the same time, propel it out the tube.

The flash cigarette is made out of flash cotton and flash paper, looks just like a real cigarette, with scorch marks , but burns fast without any residue.

A: A substance called nirocellulose is formed into a blazing paper known as flash paper. A specially-treated tissue paper that burns quickly and is gone in the blink of an eye. great affect every night.-----Marty W "Till next we trod the boards.." Posted By: kytheatrechic

When lit up (usually by a lighter concealed by the referee until the right moment), it produces a dramatic flash for a few seconds.

Also, for a really good fireball toss, I use two flash paper balls. A flash gun works by igniting a piece of cotton that then propels a little wad of flash paper (paper embedded with chemicals to make it burn … This is Magicians Flash Paper. Flash Paper Fireball.

With Flash Paper you can produce flames from your finger tips. The flash cotton provided a nice small fireball and loud enough sound to synthesize gun fire for our theatre production, but not as loud as actual gunfire.