factors affecting photosynthesis

Factors Affecting Photosynthesis A limiting factor limits the rate at which a process can take place. Explain Blackman's law of limiting factors -( effect of carbon dioxide concentration, water,light intensity and temperature) on rate of photosynthesis.Discuss Refreshment of air by photosynthesis - experiment of priestly and von …

Learn the concepts of Class 11 Biology Photosynthesis in Higher Plants with Videos and Stories. 13.32) as ageing or senescence brings about deacti­vation of enzymes and degeneration of chlorophyll. This Law states that the rate of a physiological process will be limited by the factor which is in the shortest supply. All heterotrophs directly or indirectly depend upon green plants for food. The limiting factors which affect photosynthesis are: 1.Temperature - the rate of reaction increases; with heat the molecules move about and come together faster. Photosynthesis and its significance, mechanisms and the factors that Affecting it and its all Pigments are given below: DEFINITION OF PHOTOSYNTHESIS:. Afterwards the rate of photosynthesis begins to decline (Fig. It is the slowest of these reactions that determines the overall rate of photosynthesis.

Limiting factors The main factors affecting rate of photosynthesis are light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration and temperature.

The law of limiting factors is expressed as: At any given moment, […] These all factors can affect the rate of photosynthesis . Explanation: I hope it will help you Effect of light intensity. Internal or Plant Factors (Leaf or Genetic Factors): Factor # 10. Age: As a leaf develops, the rate of photosynthesis rises with the age till it becomes maximum at full maturity.

All green plants are autotrophic. Well, so explanation of the 6 factors that affect photosynthesis. Both external factors around the plant environment such as water availability, carbon dioxide concentrations, light, nutrients, and air temperature, as well as internal factors such as the presence of chlorophyll, will both affect how quickly the rate of photosynthesis and how much carbohydrate the plants produce Describe internal and external factors of photosynthesis. There are three internal factors and four external factors which affect photosynthesis : Internal factors (i) Chlorophyll – Nutritional deficiencies of mineral cause loss of chlorophyll, and hence the drop in trapping solar energy which reduces the rate of photosynthesis. Factors affecting photosynthesis. Blackman formulated the Law of limiting factors while studying the factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis. Limiting factors such as. (ii) Protoplasm – Dehydration of protoplasm reduces the rate of photosynthesis. Processes such as photosynthesis are made up of a series of small reactions. They can synthesise their own food. Concentration of carbon dioxide . Effect of temperature.

In any given situation any one of these may become a limiting factor, in other words the factors that directly affects the rate at which photosynthesis can take place masking the effects of the other factors.