coins and paper money will soon be replaced

1 through 30 Do you agree or disagree. We hear a lot of robberies everyday. The market will tend towards the establishment one, dominant crypto-currency, but it’s ever-changing nature will give rise to multiple coins being used as money on the global market. People are afraid to bring home money from the bank.These robberies are not only taking place at homes, but also there are … Coins & Paper money will soon be replaced by Credit Cards.It is a fact that we live in a corrupt society.

Still, predictions that digital currency will completely replace printed money within the decade may be a bit ambitious. We dont even know who invented it. Coins and paper money will soon be replaced by credit and bank cards. Thus, the digital currency of the possible future is much more financially and environmentally friendly. Free Essays on Coins And Paper Money Will Soon Be Replaced By Bank Cards And Credit Cards. People used to transaction product in the early decade. Besides, coins were only good in a time when inflation was non existant. This currency, known as the GAS coin, is consumed in transaction fees, leaving the neocoins untouched in their wallet.

Neo Coin is an open source-based cryptocoin with the backing of the Chinese banking system. Get help with your writing. “Coins and paper money will soon be replaced by credit and bank cards and ‘e-money’.? Neo is viewed more as a commodity than a currency, and it actually has a separate cryptocurrency attached to it. So far the only currency apart from credit or debit cards are bitcoins, and that is extremely unsafe. Eventually we will have a cashless society which will be safer and more convenient for everyone. As for one universal currency, we're not likely to get there anytime soon, though we do suspect that the number of currencies will fall as time goes on and the world becomes more globalized. Then the money … Physical money requires constant printing and monitoring for worn bills and coins and counterfeits. In fact, the United States of America is very busy changing their $1.00 USD Bill for a $1.00 USD Coin since 2001 and as soon as every paper bill is destroyed they will change the $2.00 USD Bill for a $2.00 USD coin and so on.