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This essay aims to convey that the attributes needed to make entrepreneurs cannot be taught or learned for the purpose of making a successful entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are both born AND made. Introduction The idea that Entrepreneurs are all made is obserred. 1983 Words 8 Pages. The ones who believe that entrepreneurs are born cite examples of several high profile entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs or our very own Dhirubhai Ambani all of whom were school dropouts and went on to build large corporations.

Critically Discuss. Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

These are the individuals that take risks to bring innovations, employment and new products to the economy. Get Your Custom Essay on Entrepreneurs are born and made Just from $13,9/Page Get custom paper.

At the end, it will be conclusion for the whole report, and give detail reference. “ENTREPRENEURS ARE BORN, NOT MADE” What do you think? Why Entrepreneurs Are Born Or Made? by Neeraj Agarwal Some very strong arguments have been made from both the camps of this decades old debate. Other people look around, see things as they could be, and get obsessed with one (or two, or three), and HAVE to change it. Essay. Entrepreneurs Are Born and Made. This essay will critical discuss of the statement “Entrepreneurs are born, not made”, and then critical use of relevant explain in discussion and analysis to support and illustrate my opinion “entrepreneurs are made, not born”. When we talk or debate about if the entrepreneurs are born or made, we need to think about what makes an entrepreneur, what are his objectives as an owner of a business, what should be his main skills and what kind of challenges and tasks he needs to face when running out a company.

Some people look around and see things as they are.

One of the key factors to the growth of an economy is the importance it places on entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are both born AND made. Other people look around and see things as they could be – but just accept the reality of today.

Are Entrepreneurs born or made?