an essay on fiscal federalism

Published in volume 37, issue 3, pages 1120-1149 of Journal of Economic Literature, September 1999, Abstract: This paper is a selective survey of fiscal federalism. Take your HR comms to the next level with Prezi Video; 30 April 2020 And secondly at macroeconomic stabilization.

Blog. 2 May 2020. An Essay on Fiscal Federalism by Wallace E. Oates. This paper is a selective survey of fiscal federalism. The theory of fiscal federalism addresses three issues related to fiscal decision-making: assignment of responsibilities and functions between the federal government and the regional governments, the assignment of the taxing power and the design of intergovernmental transfer (subsidy) of fiscal resources coupled with provisions about the borrowing windows to sub-national governments. Just start with writing about this political system that is built on engagement between general and regional governments in the introduction and you won’t even notice that you are already on the conclusion. Two main areas of externality proposed in the fiscal federalism literature are firstly equalisation of welfare across countries, especially targeted at poor relief.
should have the basic responsibility for the macroeconomic stabilization function and for income redistribution in the form of assistance to the poor. by Fanaca Adrian for Political Economy II .

The subject of fiscal federalism, as I suggest above, encompasses much more, namely the whole range of issues relating to the vertical structure of the public sector. Downloadable (with restrictions)!

It begins with a brief review and some reflections on the traditional theory of fiscal federalism: the assignment of functions to levels of government, the welfare gains from fiscal decentralization, and the use of fiscal instruments.
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