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The world will end in 2060, according to Newton. Human beings may eventually be replaced by computers in some areas of life. Sample Answer: Laws and rules are the regulating factors of any community. 4 Understanding animals Thanks to a device which can ‘read’ emotions, feelings, and thoughts, we will be able to ‘talk’ to animals. Essay on Personal Statement 2060 Words 9 Pages In my search of goals, I decided I wanted to become Sales Executive and achieve top Sales Executive status in a Fortune 500 Company. As the final decades of the 21st century unfold, humanity faces a crisis unparalleled in its history. The godfather of physics wrote, in his findings from 1704, the world is set to end on 2060 – exactly 1,260 years after the foundation of the Holy Roman Empire. Show More. Professor Greenfield. Most people do not realize how close Hitler actually was to winning World War II. People could suddenly do whatever they wanted! Where previously had been resource scarcity, climate change has taken centre stage as the most immediate threat to world … The story of

Global political and economic systems are in a period of immense transition.

Nations will become older and … They … 2060-2100. LOOKING TO 2060: LONG-TERM GLOBAL GROWTH PROSPECTS OECD ECONOMIC POLICY PAPERS, NO. Demographic patters -- The world's population will continue to grow, reaching 8.3 billion by 2030 (up from 7.1 billion in 2012).

By FIONA MACRAE. Explain what the world would be like. Last updated at 16:57 19 June 2007 They believe that by 2060 computers will develop their own consciousness and emotions. Use your imagination!

But perhaps the most telling statement was a marginal note in a letter he wrote in 1704, where Newton predicted the world would end in 2060 AD. Why Did Hitler Lose World War 2 Essay; ... 2060 Words 9 Pages. 3© OECD 2012 7 Abstract / Résumé Looking to 2060: Long-term global growth prospects This report presents the results from a new model for projecting growth of OECD and major non-OECD economies over the next 50 years as well as imbalances that arise. IELTS Essay Topic: Pretend you woke up one day and there were no rules. They assume that it was a quick and easy win for the Allied forces.