why animals should not be kept in zoos essay

Most people go to the zoo purely for entertainment and I strongly believe that animals were not created for that purpose only." In this essay, I am going to discusses this question from both points of view and then I will give my own opinion on the matter. For example, a lot of animals rights advocates hold this perspective because based on researches that they did, they discovered that there is a lot difference between wild animals and zoo animals.
Persuasive Essay : Why Zoos Should Be Banned?

Zoos are the places where animals are kept.Some people argue that animals shall not be kept in zoos as they deserve freedom.Zoos cannot provide them with enough space, therefore, they cannot run around so as to grow up freely.
With the quality of nature documentary and media that we have today, there really is no excuse to pay your money and go and point at a monkey who only has the perimeter of a large cage in which to roam. Would u like to be locked up in a cage with people staring at u and invading your privacy. I do not agree that animals should be kept in zoos. On the other hand, some people argue that animals should be kept in zoos.Nowadays, forests and mountains have been cut down by people. Although zoos may offer a fun day out of the house for … Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos The debate of whether or not confining of animals is right in zoos is a popular one that attracts both opponents and proponents. However, it is also crucial to note that zoos violate the rights of animals to live freely in their natural habitat, upsetting the balance of nature.

Overall, in my opinion, I believe that animals should only be kept in captivity in order to preserve, protect and hopefully enhance the future of a species. The Report on Zoo Animal Versus Wild Animals. Why animals should not be kept in zoos. It is unfair for the animals to be taken out of their natural habitats and locked into a small cage.

Moreover, animals in the zoos live under stress. According to an Australian Philosopher named Peter Singer, “animals should have rights just like humans.” Therefore, it is not acceptable for animals to be kept in zoos. Animals should be held in zoos because they would be safe, they would have similar habitat and/or diet, and people would benefit from seeing these animals.. Don’t waste time! On the other hand, some people argue that animals should be kept in zoos.Nowadays, forests and mountains have been cut down by people.

When the animals are in zoos they are not hunting for their food themselves it is handed to them on a platter. Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos. For animals in zoos, this is not the case. The increased interests in science and natural history saw the introduction of zoos in 1763, which facilitated up close animal studies and would provide a chance for entertaining and educating the public. Even us, we wouldn’t be able to be trapped behind bars and the fact that people come to see you for their own amusement and entertainment. In conclusion, animals should not be kept in captivity in zoos or caged and if human beings think that their settlement is necessary, animal sanctuaries should be established unless we want to see the animals becoming extinct. Another reason why animals should not be kept in zoos is because they lose their natural instincts. Zoos may seem fun to visit and exciting to see the animals; but what you don’t see is the suffering and depression that lies in these helpless creatures. growing, but the opportunity to leave still exists. Humans aren’t the only organisms occupying the planet and for sure weren’t the first. It is also true that, some animals do not proliferate in zoos.