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Another attraction of Fort Kochi are the large Chinese fishing nets positioned along the beach. May 29, 2015 - A photo essay of the streets of Cochin, Kerala's art capital.

Kochi is the economic capital of Kerala.

Kochi's prime location on the west coast, its fine bay and protected harbour made it popular with seafarers and merchant ships who made frequent stops to stock up on spices, coffee and wood en route to the rich markets of Europe and West Asia. Kochi, or more familiarly, Cochin is a city of many parts.

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The local men sat in the shade of the trees, or were drinking tea at the small carts that lined the edge of the …

The driver took me to a very busy and chaotic bus station.

The Topic for the Essay is “KOCHI, CITY OF MY DREAMS” (കൊച്ചി – എന്റെ സ്വപ്ന നഗരം).

The city is known as a centre for Kerala’s art scene and the Kochi Biennale was taking place while we were there.

It widens the grasp of our knowledge of geography, different cultures and people, etc.

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Known as 'Queen of the Arabian sea", the city's heritage quarter- Fort Kochi is one of the most sought after destination in Kerala. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay. I saw most people putting their footwear in the lockers and walking with barefoot.

Short Essay on the Importance of Travelling One of the key values of travel is the largest collection of items in iWorld! We spent a gorgeous day simply wandering around the city and stopping every few steps to take a photo – it was sensory overload in all the the best ways. The wheels were put into motion through a reform movement led by the renowned sage, Adi Shankaracharya, who was born in Kalady, 25 kilometers to the northeast of Kochi, and ended up traveling extensively throughout the length and breadth of the country in an attempt to revive Hinduism. Visit the old port of Cochin / Kochi.

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NH 66, the seventh longest highway in India, connects Kochi with Mumbai, via Kozhikode and Mangalore on the western coast of India. One can also make stops along the cost in Gokarana, Mangalore, North Kerala and finally Kochi, Kerala.

Since its incorporation as a state, Kerala's economy largely operated under welfare-based democratic socialist principles. Kerala has long been a seaport, attracting traders from the Middle East and beyond, and Cochin was a major port of call. GUIDEBOOK publisher Lonely Planet recently named Kerala one of the top destinations for family travel.

With museums, palaces, synagogues, Hindu temples, churches, heritage buildings, art galleries, beaches, Fort Kochi tempts you to go exploring.