taking tuition classes is a waste of time and money essay

Tuition is a waste of time, money and energy.

The extra time can easily be spent for other more constructive things than having to repeat a lesson.

There are some students who always waste their parents money in goinv tuition classes. Also, private tutors do not come cheap.

(Kyran,Zihao)If you do not absorb anything from the tuition,you will waste your parents money and your time. You can actually use your time more profitably on hobbies or personal revision.

Tuition classes are becoming a mainstay and a big part of our educational ecosystem. It is because it is too tiring after long hours in school, less time for leisure and recreation eventhough, it can also fill up free time meaningfully. Get a 100% Unique Essay on Extra Classes for $13,9/Page.

In addition, tuition is essential to balance the students’ studies and recreation. Nowadays, tuition has become indispensable for the new generation. Hey, guys how are you my name is Rahul Sharma and I'm back with a new video and in this video I'm taking you directly from Delhi to Kashmir and we … Tuition is definitely not mandatory.

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There are certain situations where extra classes may be required. Some of them have to attend tuition classes every day even during public holidays. It gives children an excuse not to pay attention in class. Not sure about the answer? A lot of time is wasted on travelling to and from the tuition centre. And when parents put the student through further tuition which may not be really necessary, it results in wasted time. Jun 23, Tuition classes are becoming a mainstay and a big part of our the time or are not equipped to give necessarg students the necessary. And we can learn more and more in the classroom or by using internet only.

A tuition class can be overcrowded. These days, students have stopped trying a little harder and they think their tuition teachers can pull them up from the Losers’ group to the Toppers’ group. Students can achieve good results by attending tuition classes.

It can prevent them from wasting their time doing recreation activities such as watching movies, playing computer games, shopping and others.

In the nut shell, attending tuition classes is less important to achieve good results in examination.

Tuition has also become common among students nowadays. Get Your Custom Essay on Reducing College Tuition Just from $13,9/Page I BELIEVE that tuition is mostly a waste of time. It can help them to utilize their time efficiently but not wasting their time for recreation or just doing revision at home.

Moreover, many parents are working adults and have no time to take care of their children, thus send their children to a tuition class.

With the kind of competition children these days face at every stage, parents are stressed like never before. A teacher normally tries to avoid a dull student.

The answer is yes, and without taking on the burden of overpriced tuition fees and loans.

Kavulu 18, the people of jan 15, private tuitions and preferred to a1. That notion is so wrong. There are many tuition centres in our country. Firstly, tuition takes time and students have little time left after school and homework. In her article “College Is a Waste of Time and Money”, Caroline Bird attempts to pursued her readers that colleges are overflowing with students who don”t belong there.Her article first appeared in Psychology Today (May 1975).Since this material is outdated, I find it hard to believe that most of the responses by students and parents quoted in the article still hold true.

I am not able to understand that if we go against the statement, which statement.

Many parents send their children to tuition classes because they think tuition classes will improve their children's grades. Some of you treat tuition classes as social gatherings. But it is a waste of time.
After attending tuition classes, you may be too tired to do your homework or your school work. Don't use plagiarized sources.

There is no need of tuition or coachings because the technology is too high. For example: If the number of children per class is high. For both groups, extra tuition is particularly popular in the run-up to exams, with maths and sciences the most commonly chosen subjects, although foreign languages are also high on … It is like in the working world.

Do tuitions help??? Extra classes a waste of time and resources SOME schools extend schooling time to hold extra classes.The schools think that this will guarantee straight A’s students.I do not think so. Tuition then becomes something to fall back on. What they do not realise is that it is so much easier to pay attention in class than having to spend extra time in the afternoons just to cover up for the wasted time in school.

I agree that tuition is necessary for […]

There are however far more disadvantages to tuition classes if it is not used properly.