research topics on climate change and food security

on land use, greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and/or biodiversity. Depending on our actions, future generations will inherit a world with less vulnerability than today – or a world with significantly more vulnerability to food insecurity. Climate change has become a developmental issue across the world.
Societies need to learn to cope with the changes predicted, which needs appropriate responses by the government. A diverse range of affordable and nutritious food – in particular, fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts – is limited in many markets, especially for the poor. This paper examines the implication of climate change on food security and rural livelihoods in northern Ghana. Research themes; Research highlights; Research stories ; Find a climate expert; Research story: Putting stimulus spending to the test: 4 ways a smart government can create jobs and cut emissions » close. Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) is an approach to the development of agricultural systems intended to help support food security under climate change. Most research linking global environmental change and food security focuses solely on agriculture: either the impact of climate change on agricultural production, or the impact of agriculture on the environment, e.g.
FAOSTAT . Public policy. CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) Recommended for you 1:01:02 Climate-Smart Agriculture: Helping the World Produce More Food - … Read about our climate change research, themes and stories. Global SDG Indicators Database. Climate Change has a negative impact on food security. Research. FAO’s statistics webpage on agricultural and food data. Production and distribution will be challenged by population growth, dietary change, climate change and environmental decline. The Food Insecurity and Climate Change Vulnerability Index offers a window on our global future up to the 2080s, ... FAO’s statistics webpage containing food security indicators, methodology, and capacity development among other resources. However, in many countries the existing governance structures and leadership are not suited to manage climate change. The Food Insecurity and Climate Change Vulnerability Index offers a window on our global future up to the 2080s, looking at how climate change may affect future vulnerability to food insecurity. The Covid-19 pandemic has raised questions about the fragility of our food supply, putting food security back on the agenda.