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We used the UK Health Research Classification System (HRCS) to help us classify the research questions and priorities.

PDF | Tuberculosis (TB) remains one of the deadliest infectious diseases responsible for millions of deaths annually across the world. While the world has committed to ending the TB epidemic by 2030, actions and investments don’t match the political rhetoric. Over 90 surveys have included TB questions. Some articles provided many questions (ten suggested more than 20, of which only one group had attempted relative prioritisation)—277 question areas were identified. How common is tuberculosis?

High-quality research evidence is critical for improving global health and health equity, and for achieving the World Health Organization (WHO)'s objective of the attainment of the highest possible level of health by all peoples [1]. “Tuberculosis kills five thousand people every day. Rationale and justification 6 2.

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium that spreads through the air, usually through coughing.

Research was specifically suggested for HIV-infected persons (63 questions), MDR tuberculosis (49), malnutrition (nine), and diabetes (seven). We need a dynamic, global, multisectoral approach. One reviewer extracted data and a second reviewer independently extracted data from a random subset of included studies.

The DHS collects data on women's and men's knowledge and attitudes concerning TB. Major hurdles in TB control and elimination 8 3.

If untreated, more than half the cases may be fatal within five years. Please find 907 such items on this topic. What data does DHS collect about TB? According to … The good news is that we finally have two great opportunities to move … The mean number of research questions …

TB is the leading killer among diseases caused by an infectious agent worldwide, … In total, 137 systematic reviews, with 141 research questions, were included in this review. The three most common research topics were in the area of detection, … If properly treated, tuberculosis caused by drug-susceptible strains is curable in virtually all cases. Medindia provides you with the latest news and research breakthroughs on Tuberculosis.

The number and type of research questions varied widely across the articles. Preface: Tuberculosis research in The Netherlands: Innovation to accelerate global tuberculosis elimination 2 By Mario C. Raviglione, Director Global TB Programme, WHO, Geneva 2 Executive summary 4 1.

The social and economic impacts are devastating, including poverty, stigma and discrimination.