problems of social science research

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We know the objectives of social research are elaborate. The need of objectivity in sociological research has been emphasized by all important sociologists. The importance that social science research wields today is immeasurable and enlarging. Three sources of change to social problems include social science research, the efforts of citizens acting alone or especially in social … Social science research is focused on finding reasons for human behavior. By Sadie F. Dingfelder and Lea Winerman. 1. Publication of substandard research encourages others to conduct and publish research in a similar way, which not only does a disservice to environmental social science but may also be hindering our ability to understand and respond effectively to some of the most serious environmental issues we are now facing (Bonebrake et al. Social science helped people understand the consequences and application of the new technologies of the age, such as steam power.
"Science literacy should be a … Basic social science research on the effects of social constructs and social processes is central to research on the etiology of health and illness. In this case the questions focused on the future of democracy, the problems digital technology has created and possible solutions to those problems. As social, business and economic problems abound, the significance of social research gets enhanced as it provides workable solutions. When the problems are so extensive, social scientists wonder why researchers who are unaware and untrained in the social sciences continue to insist on conducting social research and why this dilemma has persisted for decades. There are three major scientific issues: so-called “Hawthorne effects” or changes in behavior which result from the fact that individuals are subjects in an experimental study; the inadequacies of existing data about social problems and individual behavior and the defects of indirect data; and finally the manipulability of social factors that are variables in social scientific analyses of problems. One experience might be membership in a church, another could be victim - ization by crime, and yet another might be moving from a dorm to a sorority house. Problems of Concepts: In social science research, one has to face number of problems among which of a) abstraction, and b) faulty reasoning, plays major role in formulating and defining the concepts and law. promoting the research agenda in Caribbean social sciences. It can be hard to make a real difference to the problems that infect our modern society. In the end, these researchers waste a great deal of everyone's precious time, effort, and resources.

January 2012, Vol 43, No. Science can solve social problems.

Identifying Social Research Questions Social research questions may emerge from your own experience—from your “personal troubles,” as C. Wright Mills (1959) put it.

Although the problem of pre-existing conceptual frameworks influencing research outcomes is not restricted to the social sciences, we argue in this chapter that the social sciences are more prone to widespread errors resulting from convergent thinking, i.e., thinking by researchers that remains consistent with prevailing theories and unquestioned assumptions.