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Add Some Decorative Stuff: your Barbie house is ready to … Bend the trimmed lid in half widthways to create an A-frame roof. One of the simplest ways to make Barbie furniture is to use several matchboxes. * DIY Barbie Cardboard Box House ... Shoe boxes, paper boxes, tissue boxes, cereal boxes, we find uses for all of them. We recycled some copy paper boxes from . Wrap Your Barbie House With Different Color Paper: this kind of Barbie house is constructed in two portions. If you don't have a lid, use a scrap piece of cardboard instead. Glue them together with white glue, wrap them in a colorful paper and you will have a real chest of drawers. Sofas and armchairs can be crafted with the help of matchboxes as well. We recently expanded our "Barbie Land" in the guest bedroom. DIY tutorial of how to make a miniature house in a shoebox (shoe box) DIY miniature 4 rooms in a box: a complete apartment, consisting of miniature bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room. So, you can use your desired color paper to wrap each individual part of a Barbie house to show some creativity. (Color paper is better than paint as you easily removed and wrap new designs of wallpaper on your dollhouse walls). Such a fun and open-ended art medium! Draw a line lengthways and cut down the line with scissors. Then, attach 2 5 cm (2.0 in) pieces of sticky tape to the short edges of the roof and stick it to the top of your dollhouse.