microbial fuel cell research paper

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The technology is so tempting that still researchers are carrying this out because of its potential benefits and other important resources. Microbial fuel cells are very promising as renewable energy sources. In addition to electricity generation, microbial fuel cells can be used for wastewater treatment, desalination and biofuel production. Microbial Fuel Cell Research Using Animal Waste: A Feebly-Explored Area to Others. Abstract: Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) have been paid much attention due to its clean and renewable energy.

trends in biotechnology, 41-49. Rahimnejad M, Najafpour G, Ghoreyshi A. 2011.The enhancement of a microbial fuel cell for electrical output using mediators and oxidising agents. environmental science and technolgy(11), 5047-53. Al .2012. Applied energy, 98 230-235

The strength of wastewater is commonly evaluated …

13.Helder, m. (2011). In this research, the gene expression of atpI involved in ATP synthase of energy metabolism was compared at 3.7 and 37 mV applied voltage by reverse-transcription PCR. Educational and Research Institute University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Abstract:Microbial fuel cell(MFC) is a promising technology in conversion of waste to energy and also providing green environment.In this paper performance of In recent years, MFCs performed without addition of mediator were reported. A. microbial solar cells:applying photosynthetic and electrochemically active organisms. Department of Mechanical engineering (Energy Division), Dr. M.G.R. Jothinathan, Deepika (et al.) Energy source., 33, 2239-2248; Wang.

Since the current generated from a microbial fuel cell is directly proportional to the energy content of wastewater used as the fuel, an MFC can be used to measure the solute concentration of wastewater . Huang LP, Logan BE (2008) Electricity generation and treatment of paper recycling wastewater using a microbial fuel cell.

A microbial fuel cell-membrane bioreactor integrated system for cost-effective wastewater treatment. benthic microbial fuel cell as direct power source for an acoustic modem and seawater oxygen/temperature sensor system. 14.kim, p. Abstract. (n.d). Microbial fuel cell is a fast-growing technology and method for the energy recovery from wastewater treatment. Y. P. et.

The book addresses characterization techniques and operating conditions of microbial fuel cells, as well as the usefulness of various types of anode and cathode materials.