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Destination adjectives are listed in this post. 4786 words (19 pages) Essay in Tourism. My sisters, father and mother all enjoy there as a family – cooking, playing, trekking and gardening. 1 It is difficult for me to describe one ideal holiday because I have two favorite places: the mountains and the sea. I think it is the ideal place for visit.

The word holiday comes from old English haligdæg from halig meaning “holy” or “sacred” and dæg meaning “day”. Though it is very hot there, but due to the sea we enjoy the cool breeze. Page 1 of 50 - About 500 essays.

My dream destination where I would love to travel once in my lifetime in Australia. Article shared by. Describe a famous tourist destination in your country. My Best Holiday Essay; My Best Holiday Essay.
It gives me time and space to enjoy my passions and lets me spend some time with my family as well. If the holiday destination is interesting or not would mainly depend on your description. Describe a place near lots of water or open space. Describe a famous holiday destination in your town. Here are various essay on Holiday under different words limit to help you with the same whenever you need. Holidays. It was so much fun, and a little bit like my old life. In fact that’s where I met my husband Luis. The holidays are just a joyous time of the year. Speaking of destination, how do you describe it?

My favourite holiday destination is a quiet seaside village on the east coast of Spain. However, I do enjoy travelling to new places, meeting new people and trying new cuisines. Talk about a place where you spent your holiday. 5. Instead of staying in a hotel, I stayed with one of my old friends. Tell me something about a dream holiday destination of english essay english essay. My Favourite Holiday Destination - Puri. Holidays! You can’t simply talk about Paris for 2 minutes. Here are various essay on Holiday under different words limit to help you with the same whenever you need. The holidays are a time for celebrations, decorating and heartwarming love. 2000): So to answer this cue card, pick a place where people usually go to spend their holidays. My Favourite Holiday Destinations. You might use adjectives like popular, exotic or beautiful. I have been there many times. 1. I find the mountains to be a wonderful place to rest my eyes, mind and body. Short Essay on Holidays. Here are a few places in the world, that are simply my favourite places for holiday. It also is a holiday and not the destination. Above, I have underlined “memorable holiday” because it is what you need to describe. My Dream Destination. When you plan a visit to the USA, you might bewilder at which tourist destination to choose first. I hope to buy a small house or flat there one day, so I won’t tell you what it’s called. We are five friends there, I, Richard, Max, David and Ronald. I know Prague well because I lived there when I was at university, more than ten years ago.

I visit there with my friends before one month. So, originally, it meant a religious festival and also a time for recreation.

How to Describe Holiday Destinations. the following text and answer the questions on page 3. Tourism Destination And Tourist Attraction Destination Marketing Tourism Essay.

A tourist destination is a geographical location which has the necessary components to attract tourists and meet their needs (M. Djurica & N. Djurica 2010, Pearce 1992).
Of all the places I visited in my holidays, Puri is my most favourite holiday destination. You can select any of the holiday essay given below as per your choice: Holiday Essay 1 (200 words) School days are said to be the best part of a person’s life. Today, we use this word in British English to mean the period of time when you are allowed to be out of work or school, and also, the time spent in another place or country for rest and enjoyment. Cameron Highland, which is famous for its cool and temperate climate plateau is an ideal alternative escape spot from the sweltering heat of the lowlands in Malaysia. Get Your Custom Essay on Favorite holiday destination Just from $13,9/Page Get custom paper. Before arrival to the beautiful Shimla land we had reserved our hotel through Maxxfun Holidays, a tour operator company. The USA offers a broad spectrum of dream tourist destinations from historical places to hot places of Los Angeles, and from the beaches of Waikiki Island to the Hawaiian Islands. I first went there 20 years ago. Describe your ideal holiday No.


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