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Without water, life can never be imagined. 1.1.2 Importance of English: English has been the considered to be the first global Lingua Franca. While writing essays, many college and high school students face writer’s block and have a hard time to think about topics and ideas for an essay.

Humans can only live three days without water, though it is possible to live weeks without food. Mother Earth is also known as the blue planet because of it being covered with 71% of water. Water is vital in our life due to the following reasons. Water has become indispensable for the disposal of urban sewage and dirt. Hence it is proved that language plays a important role in different walks of life. Second of … First of all, the person must be absolutely healthy.

Importance of Rivers: Advantages & Disadvantages of River – Essay, Speech, Paragraph, Article Introduction (Essay on River) It is astounding how a single river blesses us with its generosity by providing us with numerous aspects, essential to survival. Everyone is completely depending on fresh and potable water. We cannot lead our day to day life without water. Almost 71% of the earth’s surface is water.

Without water, we human beings will die; Water is required for all living things in the world; Why is Water Important : (Short Essay) Water is one of the most important substances that are needed for plants and animals. Water is a solvent for almost all the biological reactions. It also comes in great use for farmers and industries. In this article, we will list out many good essay topics from different categories like argumentative essays, essays on technology, environment essays for students from 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grades. All living organisms whether it is human, animals, or plants.

This thought, sober and gloomy, is a modern one; in earlier ages it is unlikely that people contemplated ourselves wiping-out most life on earth. A.1 Water is of the utmost importance for human and animal life. Essay on Save water in 100 words (Save Water Essay 2) We use it carelessly. It is essential for our survival. Without water there would be no life.

Humans need water to live, plain and simple. All resources are either directly or indirectly connected with others. In a water molecule, two hydrogen atoms are joined to an oxygen atom by covalent bonds. It gives us water to drink. Thus, the importance of water can be compared to the importance of air. But only a little amount of pure drinking water is present on the earth’s surface. Water has become a highly necessary part of human being’s existence on Earth.

Water pollution is one of …

In today’s modern world the English language has become part and parcel of every existing field.

The human body is made up mostly of water.

I love how Marci Bolden just takes you on this emotional ride that doesn't let go. But there are some requirements that should be fulfilled.

Living without water is very different from living without food. Water is important because it is essential to life on earth.

Q.2 List the ways to avoid wastage of water. Fish which make up a large chunk of our food and their existence depends on water. Without water we cannot survive. Water is essential for the very existence of life on the globe. So there is a necessity for saving water.

Title Water pollution has many different meanings, in most cases it is when one or more material builds up in the water causing a problem for people and/ or animals. Water is of great significance for people, since it is used for drinking and in cooking. Men began establishing themselves from the Tigris, the Nile, and the Euphrates. We drink it, wash with it, grow food... 667 Words; 3 Pages; Water water potential (solutes=less free water molecule), via osmosis. It's needed for growing food, keeping clean, providing power, controlling fire and staying alive; there can be no life without water.

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Without them we cannot imagine our human life. The importance of water is discussed in this essay. This makes it a stabl