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The device combines high efficiencies with low environmental impact and high hydrogen purity. Hyundai Motor Co. is showcasing its hydrogen and mobility solutions at the H2Mobility + Energy Show 2020 in Korea on July 1-3, 2020. They must therefore be integrated with chemical plants which may be regarded as dispersed refineries. Novel fuel cell technology eases industry transition towards hydrogen-powered fleets The CH2P project brings about a new technology for hydrogen refuelling stations, capable of cogenerating hydrogen, heat and electricity from natural gas and biomethane. The unit generates heat, electricity, and hydrogen with 54% efficiency (hydrogen plus power) when operating in hydrogen co-production mode. On display will be the HDC-6 NEPTUNE Concept, a hydrogen-powered Class 8 heavy-duty truck; mobile fuel cell generator; and a scale model of its smart mobility ecosystem. Today, they must use common fuels such as natural gas, but they in fact operate on hydrogen. The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) is the trade association for the fuel cell and hydrogen energy industry, and is dedicated to the commercialization of fuel cells and hydrogen energy technologies. 3. Semcon has been engaged to develop and deploy an entirely new robotic cell for testing new fuel cell production technology with the aim of making the fuel cells more efficient. The fuel cells use hydrogen to produce electricity and heat, with emissions of only water. But from the back you can see its tank full of dirty diesel has been replaced with a hydrogen fuel cell. The fuel cell system operates on hydrogen from anaerobic digestion of municipal wastewater, and is illustrated in Fig. Fuel cells and hydrogen energy technologies deliver clean, reliable power to leading edge corporate, academic and public sector users, and FCHEA members are helping to … Fuel Cells & Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking, which is a public–private partnership between the European Commission and Hydrogen Industry, contributes to … Abstract Present fuel cell designs require more development before they can make a large impact on future energy conversion markets.