how to pass aice general paper

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. They learn to become confident in analysing knowledge and opinion from a variety of sources, to build arguments and to communicate through written English. AICE:!General!Paper!(8004)!!!! Start studying AICE General Paper Rules. (Im assuming its easy since its offered to freshman) !Boca!Raton!Community!High!School,!PBCSD! Hello! General Paper (AICE GP)—is accepted by universities and employers as proof of understanding and ability to communicate in English. The Cambridge AICE Diploma is a group certificate which requires learners to study a compulsory core subject, Cambridge AS Level Global Perspectives & Research, with Cambridge AS & A Level subjects drawn from three curriculum areas: mathematics and science (Group 1), languages (Group 2), and arts and humanities (Group 3). Im going to be a freshman (american) this year and I was placed in English 1 Honors/AICE General Paper AS and I saw it was a “college-level” course but Ive never heard of “AICE.” and I was wondering what General Paper is and any tips.
By demanding knowledge from three different subject groups, plus the core compulsory subject, Cambridge International AS Level Global Perspectives & Research, the Cambridge AICE Diploma provides a broad curriculum with a balance of maths and science, languages, arts and humanities, and interdisciplinary subjects.

The syllabus draws on […]
One of the best things you can do each day is to read The Straits Times. In broad terms, this class: ! The course is multi-disciplinary, with subject matter drawn from across the curriculum. GP tests a lot of prior knowledge, or PK for short. These are all skills of great use for university level study. You don’t need Newsweek or Time. CREDITS:Jill!Pavich,!NBCT!!!!!! They all mean the same. Since 2006, as part of a new broad-based JC education, students are required to do at least one subject outside their area of specialization. These include comprehension, constructing an argument, presenting views, and writing English coherently and persuasively. Period. Enrolment - Pre-University, By Level and Course Ministry of Education / 08 Nov 2019 Pre-U enrolment by level and course. Everything in the paper can be made easy if you know, and knowing comes from reading. promotes the skills of rational thought, persuasion, analysis, interpretation and evaluation; Tips on AICE General Paper AS SUBJECT HELP. Is it possible to get into Aice English General Paper if you have a “B” in Pre-Aice English Literature, but your course request says regular English? A and As Level General Paper 8004 About A Level General Paper Syllabus The Cambridge International AS Level General Paper encourages learners to develop a maturity of critical thought and argument, and a mastery of expression in the English language. Grade Level: 10-11 AS Level English General Paper develops a set of transferable skills.

Some people call it general knowledge or background knowledge. General Question.

The Cambridge International AS Level English General Paper encourages learners to engage with a variety of topics, including knowledge and understanding gained from study of other subjects.