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Many young people in India have been done to death every year owing to ‘Honour Killings.’

To investigate and analyze the research problem, the study incorporated interview assessments of This thesis will discuss issues regarding the victimization of women related to honour crimes. There are some positive factors too. Soon I learnt that the world in which I was surviving was divided into two major PDF | The article aims at highlighting the legal provisions to tackle crime of honor killing.

I believe that it is only through a detailed analysis of honour

Abstract This research sets out to examine the main excuses, often mentioned in connection to the so-called “honour killings” in Pakistan. HONOUR KILLING Navratan Singh Fateh Master of Laws Graduate Department of Law University of Toronto 2012 ABSTRACT This thesis is a timely response to the current developments of cultural forces which lead to honour killings in Canada. This thesis aims to explore international women’s rights in theory and practice. This is because the case law has now started using honour killings as a mitigating factor for punishments awarded, thereby one can get a minimum sentence due to the discretion of the court. honour killings because of some exemptions that are available under the honour killing law. or individuals were called kari and karo2 out of hatred and the killings were considered as honour killings. MASTER THESIS SUBMITTED , 27 -05 -2010 Malmö University Malmö, Sweden .

Indian cultures are very deep rooted. I cannot remember the murders being condemned by anyone on any occasion but, rather, that the honour killings were seen as a matter of cultural pride. This thesis attempts to contribute to our understanding of the problem of honour killing, and more specifically investigates why justice system in Pakistan has been failed to eradicate practice of honour killing particularly in Sindh. 5.3 Honour killings and Pakistani Law ... 0revised_.pdf> accessed 17 September 2014.

HONOUR KILLING IN INDIA 1R.PREETHI 1 Student, 5th Year, Bba.Bl(Hons), Saveetha School Of Law, Saveetha Institute Of Medical And Technical Sciences, Saveetha University, Chennai -77 ,Tamilnadu,India. 2DR.A.SREELATHA 2 Professor , Saveetha School Of Law, Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences , Saveetha University, Chennai -77, Tamilnadu,India. ‘Honour Killing’ is a cultural crime or a cultural tradition prevalent amongst non-Caucasian Societies which perceive women as bearers of family honour.