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Hazardous wastes may be found in different physical states such as gaseous, liquids, or solids. In the past, many hazardous wastes were only loosely regulated, allowing substantial contamination of communities and the environment. The evolution of hazardous waste into a national environmental problem is a puzzling phenomenon. Journal of Hazardous Materials is proud to introduce its new partner Journal of Hazardous Materials Letters (JHM Letters). Subscribe now and never miss a hazardous waste post. Waste is part of the agenda of the European Environment and Health Process and included among the topics of the Sixth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health. Hazardous-waste management, the collection, treatment, and disposal of waste material that, when improperly handled, can cause substantial harm to human health and safety or to the environment.Hazardous wastes can take the form of solids, liquids, sludges, or contained gases, and they are generated primarily by chemical production, manufacturing, and other industrial activities. Current science news articles on toxic waste, hazardous waste management, clean-up, biological cleaning agents and more. Hazardous Waste Experts has the latest and most relevant articles regarding hazardous waste disposal. Depending on the physical state of the waste, treatment and solidification processes might be required. Hazardous Waste Disposal. Carbon Neutrality is Shaping the Fleets of the Future. Yet, although the problem of hazardous waste and its resultant contamination has long been known, no one took it seriously until about 1978. We performed a systematic review to evaluate the evidence of the health impact of hazardous waste exposure, applying transparent and a … A hazardous waste is a special type of waste because it cannot be disposed of by common means like other by-products of our everyday lives. Achieving carbon neutrality is becoming an increasingly popular goal. The public and media perceive hazardous waste to be a major environmental and public health risk. Hazardous Waste Articles. Disposal and management of hazardous waste are worldwide challenges.