feature article structure

While a hard news article focuses on exactly what happened, when and to whom, a feature article typically adds a dimension of human interest. A feature article is much more than a collection of bare facts. Karin Occino wants to change.

4. It can come in the form of: A personality profile.

The feature article does not have the inverted pyramid organization of the "hard" news article. Read them all, then write your own articles modeled after them. WHAT IS A FEATURE3 ARTICLE? A feature article is a soft news story that can be delivered in a number of ways. A human-interest story. Step 1-Consider a Compelling Story . Then jot down ideas for the following six sections.

Furthermore, features do not become dated as quickly as "hard" news stories. A good feature article is often interesting to read a year after it was written. In professional writing, a feature article is challenging to write. Read examples of news and feature articles from the Scholastic Kids Press Corps. The main aim of a magazine feature article is to depict people issues and arouse high interest and sympathy among the readers. The Basic Story Outline. The goal is to enable an observer (e.g., a robot or a wearable camera) to understand ‘what activity others are performing to it’ from continuous video inputs. Officer Outreach Program Shatters Stereotypes. The best way to structure a newspaper article is to first write an outline. This paper discusses the problem of recognizing interaction-level human activities from a first-person viewpoint. It is more similar to fiction because it tells a story. 7 Tips on Writing a Feature Article. Elk Creek, Alberta – Any mention of teenagers and police officers in the same setting generally conjures up images of wild house parties getting busted—which is precisely the image Sgt. A feature article is more free flowing and less restrictive than a straight news article. It's a special-interest article abounding with details that makes for pleasurable reading. Review your research and notes. Sample Newspaper Feature Article.

Article Structure Writing a great article demands that you observe the correct structure and construct it in a way that flows well. BY JAMES MAGDEN. An in-depth look at an issue.