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Below are some ideas for the following IELTS writing task 2 essay question. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. muhammad imran.

6 thoughts on “ BA English Essay: Traffic Problems in a Big City ” transportation. Solving Traffic and Pollution Problems: Essay Ideas. This essay will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of such a measure. By 1868, a signal was put in by the intersection of George St and Bridge St, which is close to the Parliament. 500+ Words Essay on Traffic Rules. In this essay, I examine the reasons for this trend and suggest some practical policies the authorities could implement to reduce the level of traffic in our cities.

In modern life we have to face with many problems one of which is traffic congestion becoming more serious day after day.

Traffic congestion in many cities around the world is severe. Traffic jams are frustrating and waste a lot of time causing unnecessary delays in reaching one’s destination.

Most of the drivers drive recklessly, putting them and the passengers at risk. They remodel streets and roads to help avoid traffic. It is undoubtedly the case that urban areas around the world increasingly suffer from congestion. Here is my website – transportation. Nowadays, traffic is a serious problem in big cities. Traffic jam is a condition in which the vehicles get stuck in a jam for a certain period of time. June 29, 2013. January 25, 2015 by Liz 23 Comments. One possible solution to this problem is to impose heavy taxes on car drivers and use this money to make public transport better.

Traffic congestion is a problem that occurs with the increasing use of vehicles characterized by slower movement and increase in … Traffic jam is problem disturbs people who live in big cities. ... Big city problems Essay Sample Problems of living in a big city. Essay on Traffic Problems in a Big City for Matric, FA, FSC, 2nd Year, BA and BSC. Essay on Problems of Traffic Jams – Essay 2 (300 words) Introduction. And this problem will make you lose a lot of time in driving your car, cause accidents and respiratory diseases. Students can write the same essay under the question, Essay on Traffic Problems, an essay on traffic, Traffic Problems in a Big City Essay, Essay on Traffic Jam and also can use the name of any city instead of writing big city if … It is said that the high volume of vehicles, the inadequate infrastructure and the irrational distribution of the development are main reasons for increasing traffic jam The major cause leading to traffic congestion is the high number of vehicle which was caused by the population and the development of economy.

Exit Essay: Traffic Congestion in Metro Manila.

The Real Problem. Traffic congestion is a hot topic around the world, people discuss traffic congestion solutions and traffic jam. Traffic congestion essay.

Traffic congestion is not primarily a problem, but rather the solution to our basic mobility problem, which is that too many people want to move at the same times each day. Cause & Effect Essay: Traffic Problems of a Big City Cities like New York, London, and Paris have all had to deal with thousands of cars running through their streets each day. It is one of the things that contaminates the cities, not only with the use of gas but also acoustically with the claxon when people get anxious. Traffic congestion is a big problem for everyone within the city. Traffic congestion is a critical problem which happens on roads which make traffic busy because roads full of cars and buses. Recently on 30 June 2018, there were one questions in writing task 2 of the IELTS exam on how to reduce traffic congestion. Traffic rules are very important for road safety. TRAFFIC PROBLEMS Traffic is one of the major concerns for the city hall. IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay: You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Traffic congestion challenges traffic flow in urban area and is prevented smooth traffic.

It is important for everyone to follow traffic rules. The traffic signals help a smooth movement of the vehicle. Sample Essay. Some people believe that hike in the … With surging population and urbanisation, the traffic congestion and air pollution have become pressing issues in the todays society. Most people believe that soaring petrol price is the best way to tackle these issues. Breaking the rules is very harmful led to traffic problems. Traffic is a term familiar with the moving vehicles, the overloaded carriages, the four-wheelers, the herd of cattle or a number of other animals at times. Traffic Problems Essay - Model Answer. Moreover, a crowd of people and pedestrians shape a major element of street traffic.

To what extent do you agree or disagree? Here is an essay on Traffic Problems in a Big City for the students of different classes. The Problem Of Traffic Lights 821 Words | 4 Pages The idea for traffic lights began in the mid-1800s when a system was essential to sustain the amassed flow of horse-drawn traffic flow.