essay on importance of independent judiciary

500 Words Essay on Role of Judiciary in the Country Today Any judiciary is an integral part of a country, especially democracy. Today in all democratic countries, the independence of judiciary is considered essential so that the fundamental rights of the people are protected. Introduction: Since administration of justice is the exclusive func­tion of the modern state the judiciary today occupies the pride of place among the organs of the government. It is the watchdog of the rights and liberties of the citizen. That is, courts should not be subject to improper influence from the other branches of government, or from private or partisan interests. Thus this essay will critically examine the importance of an independent judiciary within the modern day constitutional democracy of South Africa by outlining the key reasons on why an independent judiciary …

Our national culture and ethos have always propagated human rights in the broadest sense of the term. Only an impartial and independent judiciary can protect the rights of the individual and provide equal justice without fear or favour. Bodin and Montesquieu emphasised the independence of judiciary. Essay on the Importance of Independent Judiciary for law students. That is why in democratic countries, judiciary is considered the guardian of the freedom of the people and also of the constitution. In a civilized and law-governed society it is the duty of the state machinery to uphold justice, without accountability, agencies of the state can misuse their authority … This understanding is essential to the … Similarly, our Supreme Court is … Independence of the judiciary (also judicial independence) is the principle that the judiciary should be politically insulated from the legislative and the executive power. Essay on the Role and Independence of the Judiciary. That is why, the independence of judiciary is essential in a democractic set-up. Essay on the Importance of Independent Judiciary for law students. People must understand the role of the judiciary so that they can properly uphold its independence and ensure its accountability to the law of the land. The Supreme Court under our Constitution is the final interpreter and the guardian of the Constitution. An independent judiciary allows for the protection of certain values that society deems important.
As India is the largest democracy, we have a big judiciary which makes sure it safeguards the interests of its citizens. Later on it was realized that it did not ensure full justice.