effective library and internet research

However, the line between what counts as library research and what counts as Internet research is becoming blurred. Effective Internet Research Different Types of Search EnginesDifferent Types of Search Engines A Search Engine is a program that allows you to search the Internet for information. It is unlikely, however, that the orientation tour alone will give you skills sufficient to find, retrieve, analyze, and use the many complex resources your library makes available to you. Continuing services will include: access to online materials; reference, class or research consultations; and assistance with securing expanded online access to curriculum-based and/or research materials. INTRODUCTION Information is a vital and an indispensable component of o A brief discussion of locating information on the Internet … There are many search engines on the World Wide Web.

Plenty of reliable and credible Internet-based research resources are available: online academic and popular journals, Web-based versions of online newspapers, the homepages of experts in a particular field, and so forth. use both the library and the Internet, although Internet usage was more than the library, hence the Internet was the most preferred source of information.

Ask for students to document the search tools they use (library catalog, article databases, Google, etc.) It was recommended that the library should be upgraded to meet recent advancement in research. for a research paper and to reflect on the kinds of information they find in each. 1. effective use of library resources. Provide a resource list or a single source from which students’ research should begin. A description of a simple library research process, including: o A demonstration of the NMSU Library Catalog o A demonstration of how to search library databases to find journal and magazine articles and how to retrieve results. Luckily, librarians are committed to helping you overcome barriers to effective research, and they offer a wide variety of classes, workshops, and seminars. CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: The library is closed effective Tuesday, March 24th.

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A Comparative Study of use of the Library and the Internet as Sources of Information by Graduate Students in the University Of Ghana Abstract This study was conducted to compare Internet use and library use among graduate students. It was based on the assumption that graduate students use the Internet more than the library.