does social media make us lonely essay

We can include pictures to show where we are, whom we are with and what we are doing.

Despite the social connectivity that social media provides, some people can still feel socially isolated. At first, I agreed with Stephen Marche, author of “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?”, but after doing some of my own research I would like to retract my original position. Social media sites such as ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ allow us to document every second of our lives on their websites.
It depends on how you use it. Not only does this take away from our social skills but being on ones phone or computer is one of the most solitary things one can do. Social media actually makes people less social because social media ironically reduces the need and desire for face-to-face interaction. Strategies to reduce loneliness that focus on eliminating negative thought processes are the most effective. Although, many social psychology experts question if social media is actually making us less social and even lonely. We cannot blame technology for our own human condition. Facebook Does NOT Make Us Lonely; Facebook Does NOT Make Us Lonely. While social media helps alleviate loneliness in seniors, the benefits are far from uniform. Try Freedom for free! But as with any diet that tilts heavily toward foods that lack nutritional value, an excessive intake of social media may be bad for your health. 1331 Words 6 Pages. Social media use is fine in moderation. We are able to maintain constant contact with friends that live on the other side of the planet as if we see them every day. Asking if social media makes you lonely and depressed is a little like asking if eating makes you fat. Social media has created a faceless social bond between us and our friends.

Social media use can increase feelings of connectedness or of loneliness, depending on what you do when you're online. However Stephen Marche begs to differ. Social media makes us feel lonely + depressed Although many of us use social media platforms for entertainment and to feel connected to those we care about, some research has shown that frequent use of such platforms can actually make us feel the exact opposite – lonely and unhappy. Now more than ever before people are busy communicating primarily through their electronic devices. You might think that social media allows us to be connected to our loved ones 24/7, but a new study has discovered that it’s actually making us feel lonelier. 1. The answer is yes, absolutely, but not always, not in everyone, and not forever. We can also use #hashtags and those allow us to relate our post or picture, whatever piece we are referencing, to another website, post or photo.