derbyshire county council v times newspapers full case

Derbyshire County Council Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice and guidance on coronavirus Latest coronavirus updates icon Latest coronavirus updates It became clear in the higher courts that the issue was more fundamental: whether a local authority can sue for libel at all. Lingens v Austria (1986) 8 EHRR 407 ; Derbyshire County Council v Times Newspapers Ltd and others [1992] 3 All ER 65 (CA) Sunday Times v United Kingdom (1979) 2 EHRR 245 ; Gay News and Lemon v United Kingdom (1982) 5 EHRR 123.

A Chesterfield perspective on news, sport, what's on, lifestyle and more, from north Derbyshire and the Peak District's newspaper, the Derbyshire Times. There have been more than 312,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK and more than 43,000 people have died, government figures show. House of Lords held local authority should not be able to maintain action in its own name for defamation. Get the latest local news from Derby. Find out what's going on in and around Derby with breaking news and more from Derbyshire Live news team. Lord Keith stated there was no difference in principle between common law and ECHR. This would place unwarranted limitation upon freedom of speech. However, these numbers only … In Derbyshire County Council v. Times Newspapers Ltd. [1993] A.C. 534 this House held that it was contrary to the public interest for organs of central or local government to have any right at common law to maintain an action for defamation. Derbyshire County Council v Times Newspapers Ltd,1 the question initially raised was whether a local authority is entitled to maintain an action in libel for words which reflect on its governmental and administrative functions. Derbyshire County Council v Times Newspapers [1993] Uncategorized Legal Case Notes June 16, 2018 May 28, 2019. Derbyshire county council vs. Times Newspapers Ltd (1993) rules out public bodies from suing for libel. Related posts. This is an instance, in the field of political discussion, of the court's concern to remove all unnecessary fetters on freedom of speech.