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In addition to the skills students gain in their laboratory courses, chemistry and biochemistry majors—B.S. This course series is for first-year students with a strong interest in gaining scientific research experience and is geared towards students who will be pursuing a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and … No project is too small or too large. Students must do sufficient planning to carry out … Consequently, we strongly encourage interdisciplinary research projects and activities in pursuit of a Ph.D. beyond the more traditionally … Guidelines for fostering strong safety cultures in organizations. Research provides a different kind of experience than traditional laboratory courses. Students participate in an ongoing research project and investigate phenomena of interest to them and their advisor. Analytical Chemistry Major topics in analytical chemistry research include analytical spectroscopy, electrochemistry, mass spectrometry, and separation science.
Chemical Enterprise. Research Dartmouth chemistry faculty and students carry out research in a variety of areas, including organic, biological, materials, inorganic, and physical chemistry. Students are required to write a research report following either the “Guidelines for Preparing a Research Report” or the research advisor’s specifications before a grade can be issued. Hazard Assessment. … Intonation Research Laboratories provides CRO-type activities at competitive rates in both the medicinal chemistry and biology space. With millions of dollars in external research funds brought… more » Undergraduate research in chemistry is self-directed experimentation work under the guidance and supervision of a mentor or advisor. The department's research spans all of the traditional areas of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Our students have the opportunity to conduct cutting edge research at the interface of chemistry and biology under the guidance of our dynamic faculty. Welcome to Chemistry Lab for Nanocatalysts. The Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program in the Department encourages qualified students to broaden their experience in chemistry by doing research during the summer months under the supervision of a chemistry faculty.These are meant to encourage students to undertake graduate studies and pursue a research career in chemistry. Fundamentals of--and ways to conduct--hazard assesments in your lab. Internships for Undergraduate Chemistry Students: Get real-world experience through internships and summer research programs to gain the professional edge. The Department of Chemistry has active research programs in each of these five areas and a bioinformatics option is available in each.

We're particularly interested in layered double hydroxides (LDH) for Cosmetics, Fuel Cells, and Heterogeneous Catalysis. These research activities are held in the … Owing to their numerous desirable attributes, boron-containing molecules play a key role in drug discovery and serve as indispensable precursors to diverse chemical products ranging from pharmaceuticals to polymeric … He has over 25 years of extensive experience in synthetic chemistry, scientific management and operations.