cathedral theme essay

Cathedral is a short story written by Raymond Carver. Essay The Theme Of Cathedral By Raymond Carver. The story is about a man, the narrator, who is blinded by his prejudice. The story unfolds as a first person narrative of a main character named Bub. The cathedral has the symbolism or religion that can be gotten from when Robert asks Bub if he is religious, a thing that Bub brushes off. Essay Paper on Cathedral and the Theme of Human Connection Tim 4:25 PM. The old friend, Robert, is blind, which the narrator identifies as Robert's defining characteristic.As the story begins, the narrator is troubled by the impending visit for reasons he can't quite explain, though he attributes it to Robert's disability. The idea of the inherent similarities between human beings, irrespective of their physical differences, is a theme explored by different genres of art.
The two narratives that will be examined in this essay are two that may non look to hold a great trade in common. As art reflects the felt experience of life, the experience of human connection has always proved to leave a profound effect. The overall theme with in this story was that there is more meaning to something other than its outer layer.
The author has chosen the right theme of physical and psychological blindness to beautifully achieve the goal of his exploration of the baseness and rawness of the narrator Bub’s condition. It took a blind man to help the narrator to actually see. A good thesis for Raymond Carver's "Cathedral" can be that a person can share meaningful experiences with those from whom he least expects anything.. happening strong differences and similarities is the end of this paper. At the core of Murder in the Cathedral is a contrast between a higher power beyond human comprehension and the earthly realm of everyday human affairs. Another symbolism of the cathedral is the monumental idea it hold. but once we look deeper in to the narratives it becomes clear that they are similar but still have their ain individualities. The tension between the secular and the sacred is an animating force of Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral,” the very premise of which—a blind man healing a man who can see—inverts a popular Bible story in which Jesus heals a blind man. Summary "Cathedral" is narrated by a man whose wife has invited an old friend to visit their home. The theme of “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver is blindness, both literally and figuratively. He is forced into an uncomfortable situation when his wife invites an old friend into their home. In “Cathedral” what is known as looking is physical vision, but in order to really see, it requires a stronger and deeper involvement. We read him helping Robert to draw the cathedral thus an opening for his change in religion and finally getting to know more about it.