benefits of outdoor play essay

Within this assignment I will explain the value of outdoor play experiences on children’s development then outline my settings current outdoor play provisions and examples of good practice within them. Because indoor and outdoor play is a child's opportunity to explore his new world, it is very important for his growth.

Improved long-distance vision, gross motor skills, and sensory development are a few of the physical benefits of outdoor play, but the list is immeasurable. Why is outdoor play important.

On Outdoor Play Children And Young People Essay. On Outdoor play. Due to their efforts, the outdoor play provision occupies a crucial place in a contemporary early years setting.

...The benefits of outdoor water play to a children’s development Outdoor In recent years there has been a shift in thinking in the early childcare sector regarding the importance of outdoor play to children.

Introduction. Obesity is getting more and more these days because most of them are lazy to do exercise and spend time outside, they prefer watching television, playing video games and online at home for the whole day.

3.1 Physical Benefits.

... Research Based Benefits Of Play Essay 941 Words | … This essay analyses the issue of outdoor play in an early years setting. The following research is to be related to outdoor play and its benefits for children and why outdoor play is not what it used to be. However, such educators as Friedrich Froebel, Margaret McMillan and Maria Montessori contributed much to the revival of interest in outdoor play. In order to help their children develop cognitive, social, and psychological skills, parents should actively participate in their child's playtime. In addition to the physical and emotional benefits, there is also … Literature Review. Outdoor play also enables children to enjoy the natural environment and learn how to seek out exercise, and fresh air. The Benefits of Outdoor Play Essay Sample.