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1 As health care professionals, dental practitioners encounter life-threatening medical emergencies. The term basic life support (BLS) refers to maintaining an airway and supporting breathing and the circulation. Research Paper | Nursing | India | Volume 6 Issue 8, August 2017. Introduction. Als Basic Life Support (BLS) bezeichnet man die Sicherung der lebenswichtigen Funktionen Atmung und Kreislauf bzw. Objectives. On the contrary, applied research is used to mean the scientific study that is helpful in solving real-life problems. ILCOR Basic Life Support (BLS) Task Force members identified and prioritized topics and questions with the newest or most controversial evidence, or those that were thought to be most important for resuscitation.

ALS-level prehospital care uses invasive methods, such as intravenous fluids, medications and intubation. This study aimed to compare retention of knowledge, in the general public, of both CPR techniques (CC-CPR vs. S-CPR). Diese Maßnahmen sollen die Zeit bis zur Anwendung erweiterter Therapiemaßnahmen … Section 5: Guidelines for Post-resuscitation care Download.

The sequence of actions is aimed primarily at the single lay rescuer dealing with an adult victim. The American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council is a panel of nationally recognized experts drawn from a wide variety of scientific, medical and academic disciplines.

However, the effectiveness of ALS care compared to BLS has been questionable.


Basic Life Support (BLS) is a simple life-saving protocol following a cardiac arrest. Repeating training helps staff retain knowledge in CPR and in use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs). Our research funding application process is now open. It comprises the following elements: initial assessment, airway maintenance, expired air ventilation (rescue breathing; mouth-to-mouth ventilation) and chest compression. When all are combined the term cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is used. Figures - uploaded by Anthony Handley The term basic life support (BLS) is used to describe maintenance of a clear airway and support of breathing and the circulation in cases of cardiac arrest, without the use of equipment other than a simple airway device or protective shield. Section 7: Resuscitation and support of transition of babies at birth Download. Impact of basic life-support training on the attitudes of health-care workers toward cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillation Mostafa A. Abolfotouh , 1 Manal A. Alnasser , 2 Alamin N. Berhanu , 2 Deema A. Al-Turaif , 1 and Abdulrhman I. Alfayez 3

Section 6: Paediatric life support Download .

Prehospital care is classified into ALS- (advanced life support) and BLS- (basic life support) levels according to the methods used.

Section 4: Cardiac arest in special circumstances Download.