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However reforms can be introduced to refrain it for better future.

Future of Pakistan Pakistan is a well known country in world after 911 attacks. Pakistan is a Muslim country, located in southern Asia. This is because people there respect others.

Allah has bestowed many things to Pakistan for example different seasons and abundant mineral resources. Illiteracy – lack of political of awareness 6. Essay on the Future of Pakistan: Possible Scenarios Beyond the pendulum of the general and the landlord-politician: Understanding and creating alternative futures and scenarios for Pakistan . Hannan Rifaat Hussain The writer is a student of Public Administration at NUST. Pakistan was recently given a title by untied kingdom’s president that Pakistan is the country which is exporting terrorism in the world.

Influence of Military 3. Terrorism has virtually become a global issue fraught with severe and tragic consequences. The Future of Pakistan presents and evaluates several scenarios for how the country will develop, evolve, and act in the near future, as well as the geopolitical implications of each.

Pakistan has 5 provinces and people mistakenly believe that there are 4 provinces. ...THE FUTURE OF PAKISTAN The exercise of pondering over the future of Pakistan essentially boils down to suggesting that several things might happen over the next few years in Pakistan-or that, just possibly, none of them will.A rather foggy crystal ball, for Pakistan’s future is as ambiguous and confusing as its past. Pakistan is the 34th largest country in the world and has the 7th largest army in the world. Economic difficulties 4. Essay on Future of Pakistan Pakistan, a country that is always a crucial part of world affairs. The Planetary Challenge If an alternative future for Pakistan is not created, the pendulum will continue with collapse always being in the background. In countries other than Pakistan - I won't necessarily call them 'Western' - people support me. There will be robots helping people in many aspects of their lives. from the day it has been separated and became an independent country until now there is a … Economic difficulties 4. Please check out episodes of this Pakistani sports review show “Game on Hai” on YouTube. Pakistan is a democratic country which is being run on the principles of Islam. Led by renowned South Asia expert Stephen P. Cohen, a team of authoritative contributors looks at several pieces of the Pakistan puzzle. The future of democracy in Pakistan essay is the authority of www.essaywriting.com.pk, If you need to get complete essay on this topic or any other please contact us via Email: essaywritingpk@gmail.com or Contact Number: 0313 118 4440 for Whatsapp: 0346 319 6313. In recent decades, it has verily acquired new dimensions and there seems no end to it. Future of Democracy in Pakistan: Issue: Future of democracy is promising in Pakistan.

Situation in Pakistan know a days are very critical hundred’s of people are killed in Pakistan …

Pakistan Essay 1473 Words | 6 Pages. Weak political institutions 2. Future of Democracy in Pakistan Essay Outline. Terrorism in Pakistan Essay – 800 Words. Based on a literature review of Pakistani magazines, newspapers and Journals as well as conversations with Pakistani scholars and interviews with members of the general public, we develop and evaluate five Images or scenarios of the future.

Essay on The Future of Pakistan. Exploring current images of Pakistan’s futures is the task for this essay.

But in Pakistan, education has dismarged due to social political and economic hurdles. The future discourse of Pakistani politics: What, and how, will it change?

Democracy in Pakistan …

They don't do this because I am a Pashtun or a Punjabi, a Pakistani, or an Iranian, they do it because of one's words and character. The ideal geographical situation of our country; how we can become really strong and prosperous, suggestions; we need to work hard for a bright future Social Norms 5. a place that is known for global Jihad and is the second largest Muslim population. 2. non intervention of military 3.present govt first time in the history going to complete its tenure. Pakistan was on the verge of this future in the early 1960s, it is possible to rediscover this pathway.

Outlines for The Future of Pakistan. Rashid Latif and Saqlain Mushtaq perform insightful analysis of Pakistan cricket and team performances. future of democracy is bright in pakistan by exactly hitting the target.